Provid can supply Technical Production and Lighting Design Services to Television Broadcast and Theatre Production.

With 24 years experience working for New Zealand's State Broadcaster - TVNZ, and a host of other Technical and Lighting Design credits.

Hello let me introduce myself......

My Name is Peter Benner. I started work in the Television Industry at Television New Zealand's - Avalon Studios in 1975. My initial assignment was as a Television Cameraman. Over the successive years that followed, I have achieved full Operational credits in most facets of Television Broadcast Production.


Training and Experience

1975 - 1980-

1980 to 1981-

1981 to 1985-

1986 to 1991

1991 to 1994-

1995 to 1999-


I left Avalon Studios in December 1999 to pursue a full time role in PROVID LTD and work within the Television Industry from a freelance position.

2000 to 2003-

2003 to 2006


This is a much condensed list of my achievements and activities for the past two and a half decades. Over this time I have provided much support for Theatre Production, Dance and Private Television Production and of course Television New Zealand. My interests and skills are wide with proven credits behind me.


Please email me if you would like any more information or clarification.


Technical Production


Wedding Videography

Multi Camera Video Production

Sound Reinforcement