Video and Audio Post Production

We can provide video post production and duplication facilities working across a variety of Platform's and formats.

Non Linear systems include 'Avid Liquid' so jobs may remain in the SD or HD Digital format and then direct output to

DVD, or the finished Video stream can be transferred in real time to DVCAM or another Video Tape format.

If a digital file is your preference then this can be stored and converted to a wide range of storage media.


We can provide the tools for Audio manipulation to suit what ever creative application may be required.

Sound Forge 8 and Protools LE are available on a dedicated Workstation these applications may either be

File transferred via network to the editing system or played out along with analog Audio sources such as

CD and Minidisc to a master compliation to tape or back into the Avid.

Our specialty markets are Presentation compilations for conferences, Arts Gallery, Museums display, Advertising

Kiosks , Theatrical and Dance including delivery to DVD, Data Card, and various Tape formats.

We specialise in Low volume DVD and VHS Duplication including cross media transfers


In the field of Tape to Tape (Linear) editing Provid Limited runs a 5 machine Grass Valley VPE-341 Editing system

including 1"Pal and 3/4" VCR, DVCAM and Hi 8

The editing system has compatiable drivers for a wide range of Professional Video Recorders such as

Beta SP, Various 1", Sony Digital Betacam etc. These machines maybe bought in and interfaced to meet

production requirements.


The suite is available for a wide range of Video Production work and is priced either on a per job basis or a per hour basis

with you the client directing.

"We are not claiming to be a full Television Post production facility - however we have

enough tools in our arsenal to be able to handle most types of Media and produce you

a stunning work of Art"


Technical Production

Wedding Videography

Multi Camera Video Production

Sound Reinforcement