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Is my Wedding Venue going to look like a Television Studio and am I going to have people
crawling all over the show ??
No not at all. The crew from Provid have spent many years dealing with the sensitivities required
to deliver a product that meets both our client's needs and fits in unobtrusively with your Wedding environment. We often find other companies passing comment about single camera verses multi camera, but the facts are very clear.
It is a fallacy that more cameras mean more people moving about.
We can preset our camera angles and shoot adjusting shot size rapidly as events unfold without fear of missing something during a Camera reframe. Because we shoot from a number of positions we never miss out any important detail. We use a number of fixed Microphones in addition to Camera Microphones. This is done so that we hear your vows and the "goings on" up front without fear of your newly acquired baby niece - testing her lungs, or Great Aunt Dot who caught the flu as she arrived to join you on your special day. Placement of these Microphones occurs before your guests arrive and normally they are unaware of their existence.
Regarding Lights - We only place additional lighting if it is really required and YOU have authorized
its use. If we mutually agree that some additional lighting will be used this will be done in a fashion that is in keeping with the setting of your venue and in a manner that does not disrupt your Photographer's activities.
How will the Provid Crew get on with the Photographer ?  
Provid has built up really good professional working relationships with a number of Photography houses in the Wellington Region. Many of these professionals actually recommend us to their clients. It is our view that the capturing of Still Photography is also very important. Many clients spend a great deal more time on this aspect of their Wedding than on other services. It is our aim to make sure that we keep out of the Photographers way, and indeed we will endeavour to assist him or her whenever we can. Oddly enough this seems to be a two way street and we find the reverse happening as well. Capturing Video footage of the Photographer doing his or her thing is normal and often very entertaining to watch particularly during the formal Photo shoot.
What Camera Equipment do we use ?  
Lots of comments passed on this one but for the record we use a range of Cameras to achieve the finished product. Like all companies we do endeavour to keep up with the trends. Our Prime Cameras are the Sony VX2000, VX 2100, Sony DSR-PD150P, Sony DSR-200P and for special assignments the Sony HVR-V1P We use - these are 3 CCD Chip Digital Video Cameras of the very latest technology. In addition to these units we have 5 Sony Digital Cameras that are very similar to the type of Camera that families and friends are likely to own. These Cameras are capable of great looking pictures when setup and used in the correct environment. The VX and DSR Cameras are used by all production houses for Broadcast image capturing in circumstances that call for the use of small cameras.
Where in New Zealand does Provid operate ?  
There are no boundaries. We have the ability to operate practically anywhere around New Zealand.
Our published rate card is for the Lower North Island. However we will operate in any part of the country. There will of cause be extra charges but these will be passed on to you at actual cost, not a marked up value. Provid is a full time business that specialises in the Video Production of Weddings, Special Events, Theatre and Training, and travel to various locations is part of the operation.
I can't find your rate card on this site.... 
Our ratecard is available to you once you have supplied us with your contact details. Publishing an on line rate card does not do justice to a service that can vary considerably from client to client without the opportunity for explanation. However, we have base rates for the packages that are described on this website. We have other specials on offer which can be combined with any of these packages.
Why would I use Provid as opposed to another company ? 
A good question -Because we believe we are the best - we enjoy what we do. We want you to
enjoy the experience of having Provid at your Wedding. Two thirds of our work comes from recommendation.
How long will the finished Video Production be ? 
That is not a question that can be answered prior to completion and editing of the actual recording,
We would not be so presumptuous to even try. Wedding celebrations vary considerably and we will produce a product that will reflect the actual day as enjoyed by yourselves and your guests.
Where is the fine print that I could be liable for ?  
A) In the unfortunate event of complete loss of video due to PROVID error, PROVID will refund
your deposit in full. This is the full extent of our Liability.
B) In the event of loss of quality caused by a PROVID operator or PROVID equipment, PROVID
will offer you your edited video at a reduced price.
C) In the event of complete loss of video caused by the Client or Client's choice
of venue the Client will pay 50% of the full agreed price.
D) In the event of loss of quality caused by the Client or Client's choice of
venue the Client will pay the full agreed price.
E) PROVID holds no responsibility in the unfortunate event of complete loss of video or quality
due to circumstances beyond the control of both PROVID and the Client. eg. "Acts of God".
Any Deposit paid remains the property of PROVID Limited except in Clause A
Cancellation of wedding.
Weddings may be cancelled up to one week prior to the wedding date. If cancelled within one week of the wedding date, the Client will be expected to pay 50% of the full agreed wedding video price.
In any event the deposit remains the property of PROVID LTD.
Additional Terms of Trade
The client understands that delivery of the completed Wedding Video Program may take up to 9 weeks from the date the Wedding was recorded and that no additional payment is required by PROVID LTD, until completed. Full payment is required for the recording prior to despatch or at
the time of collection from our premises in Upper Hutt.
If the clients base is off shore (Other than NZ) Provid may ask for full settlement of the Video Production immediately at the conclusion of the recording day.
An additional fee of $40.00 per Disc will be charged for postage offshore.
You accept that you will be charged for fuel costs for out of town Weddings.


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